It is time to take the church assessment tool.  We invite all who attend Craft to give us feedback.

You will need to register, but nobody will know what answers you give.

I will have paper copies of the survey for you if you cannot take it online and someone will enter them for you.  (The one entering the data will see your answers)  We will also set up and help you do them online if you want.

If you can take the survey online, follow these instructions.
Registering for the TCAT
• Go to
• Under the First Time User heading, enter the passcode azgmec9u8h and click Register. (This is the only time you will use the passcode.)
• On the next screen, register for the TCAT and create a username and password, which will be used to log in going forward.
• After registering, the survey will automatically begin.


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